Dead Fish Charters Named Grand Champion 2017

For the second year in a row we’ve pulled in the fish and the votes! Thanks to all who voted and all who love to fish – the South Walton Tourist Development Council has tallied the votes and made us proud to again humbly accept the award for 2017 Grand Champion Fishing Charter.  

Spring Break Fishing

After a mild and warm February it turned to winter just in time for the first big spring break week. I had trips all this week but the weather has been anything but warm, sunny and calm causing me to cancel the last three days. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. The forecast is for the breeze […]

Hot Fishin’, Cooler Temps

Sittin‘ on the hill this Friday morning as the first real cool front of the year slides in. The weather has been great (a little breezy maybe) with clear skies and temps in the upper 80’s for weeks now. This front is supposed to drop the night time temps into the 50’s for a couple […]

Dead Fish Charters is Grand Champion

Thanks to all who voted for me and thanks to the judges and staff at Visit South Walton for the top honor in my field – Grand Champion “Fishing Charter” for 2016! – Captain Larry  

Getting Fish in the Box – Spring Edition

After having perfect weather for the busiest part of Spring Break we have turned kinda soggy this week. Not near as bad as what the the weather gurus have predicted though. I missed Sat, Sun. & Mon. due to rainy/windy conditions but got to run under dry but overcast skies the next 3 days even […]

New Boat / Old Fish – State and Federal Fishing Regulations

After what seemed like a whole winters worth of cold weather (a little over a week here)we have warmed back up. I got the new “Federal” boat put together finally and was dying to get it out. Edmond, the Grayton beach harbor master, and I ran test ran her in the bay on a windy […]

Grouper and Red Snapper Fishing in the Gulf

Our Fall Red Snapper season opened up Oct. 1st and we have had no trouble getting some great catches of the hard pulling tasty critters. Lots of other finny creatures too but the Snappers have been priorty 1! Thunderstorm Karen came along and we lost about 5 days fishing. Only one day to actual rough […]

Fishing at Grayton Beach is Excellent

Well, now that it’s after Labor Day and most of the summer visitors have left the weather has gotten absolutely gorgeous. I have been able to run trips every day for the past week and only had to cancel one afternoon ’cause it blew up. Today is just great, calm, sunny and the water is […]

Tarpon Fishing at Indian Pass

Still over here at Indian Pass and my anglers are having a big time chasing the Tripletails and Tarpons. On the hill today doing chores as I got stood up by my anglers. I called ’em up last night to confirm start time and answer any last-minute questions and they said “Oh yeah, we didn’t […]