Meet Captain Larry Pentel of Dead Fish Charters

Captain Larry Pentel is a native of South Walton, growing up just 300 yards from the beach. Having fished the local waters for over forty years he is very familiar with  all the fish populations, their habits, and most importantly their habitats. The finest Snapper and Grouper fishing found anywhere, and sight-fishing Cobia along the sandbar are all part of the seasonal experiences provided by Captain Larry.

Growing up in SoWal in the 60s there wasn’t much to do that didn’t revolve around the water – surfing, diving and fishing occupied any and all free time. Little Larry’s 12th birthday present (begged for) was a season pass to Crystal Beach Pier. The effects of standing on the pier rail all day next to some of the pioneers of Cobia fishing still show in his excitement of sight fishing today. He started beach launching that year as well in a scavenged 13-foot wooden rowboat. He moved up to aluminum boats and 3 horsepower motors, and then fiberglass boats and 15 horsepower motors, anything “beach-launchable” that could be dragged across the sand and into the Gulf.

Growing up and being responsible turned into operating and then owning a large wholesale fish house, and more and bigger boats. Lots of fish. A great business, but sadly, lots of work and very little water time for Larry any more. In 1999 he sold his fish house and went back to his roots – launching off the beach in South Walton and straight in to some of the Gulf’s best fishing. Only now it’s with new boats, twin engines, state of the art electronics, top notch tackle … and you can come too!